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I am, for the most part, a self-taught artist. I have drawn and painted for most of my life. I had to put it away for many years while I was raising my family. Now that they are grown, I have been able to devote the last 9 years to my art.

I started out painting landscapes inspired by the beautiful Okanagan Valley where I live. Slowly my trees started to lose their form and morph into texture and colour. I was no longer looking for the representational so much as for the abstraction of the world around and within me. What has emerged is a visual and tactile experience.

When you look at my work, I want you to not only see the colours and shapes, but to feel them. We are taught that we must look only with our eyes, but sight is only one of the senses. When we bring touch into art it brings it to a different dimension. By incorporating the two, each time you look/touch the painting you will find something new that maybe you didn't see before. Perhaps a subtle shifting of the balance, or a detail will appear and blend into another to form something else.

We all perceive differently. What you see in one of my paintings, another will see something else. This is my goal.

Lisa Hewitt